Bringing personalized shopping to brick & mortar stores

Through using a combination of our unique cutting edge visual processing technology with our personalized recommendation engine

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Our Mission

With our revolutionary visual AI technology, we are focused on helping brick & mortar stores increase sales by generating more foot traffic and by creating personalized shopping experiences.

Our Technology

We have developed a state-of-the art Computer Vision/AI-based technology that allows us to accurately capture various aspects of customer journey without using personally identifiable information or compromising privacy. For a fraction of a traditional marketing budget, our technology can fully integrate with existing camera systems and allow retailers to create a customized shopping experience tailored to each shopper.

Our detector accurately identifies customers without storing personal identifiable information.

Our tracker captures the customer journey throughout the store, a feat beyond the means of existing beacon and location-based services.

Our contextual recommender draws from contextual information, such as weather, vehicle information, local events, and historical interactions, to make intelligent recommendations for product and service offerings.

How do we do it?

1. Identify Customer

Radius AI identifies a shopper without storing personally identifiable information, compromising the shopper’s privacy, or relying on a loyalty card.

2. Generate Recommendation

Our recommendation engine generates an intelligent and personalized offer based on contextual information and the past purchase history of the shopper.

3. Deliver Offer

The personalized offer is immediately pushed to the targeted shopper via an in-store digital display or smart phone, and is applied automatically at checkout for a frictionless shopping experience.

Engage Customers, Build Affinity, Convert to a Sale

How Our Customers Benefit

Our solution helps retailers increase sales and generate growth by motivating shoppers at every step of the in-store journey. By presenting offers to the customer on what they want, exactly when they want them, and processing the offer automatically, with no action required on their part, we create an effortless experience for shoppers, thereby increasing their loyalty.

Increase Lot-to-Store Conversions

Increase the number of customers that come into your store.

Increase Revenue Per Customer

Increase the average order size with targeted recommendations.

Raise Customer Loyalty

Improve customer engagement through an effortless and frictionless shopping experience.

Optimize Product Placement

Analyze where products should be placed for maximum revenue.

Boost Profits

Improve upsells and cross-sells by offering the products a customer really wants.

Offer New Products

Identify and fill gaps in your product offerings to fulfill customer needs.

Our Technology Partners

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Industry Quotes


One-third of retailers cited 'targeting and personalization' among their top three tactical priorities for the year ahead, higher than for any other marketing tactic.


90% of retailers want to spend more on marketing in 2018.

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More than half (54%) of retailers said the customer experience is their most important area of focus.