RAI Health is creating safer health environments one person at a time.

Average Hourly Wage: $25/hr


Average Daily Operating Hours: 24


Years Implemented: 3


ROI Calculator

This is a yearly return on investment calculator comparing the cost of our automated system versus the cost of hiring hourly employees to monitor.

Note that this does not consider other savings, such as decreased employee sick leave, improved customer satisfaction, employee retention due to perception of increased safety standards, etc..







Covid 19 and Other Infections

RAI Health uses hand sanitization monitoring, temperature detection, social distancing and notification of areas to disinfect to help prevent the spread of infections.

Hand Sanitization

Research indicates that up to 70% of hospital acquired infections could be prevented with proper protocols including hand sanitization. At RAI Health, we use our patent-pending technology to urge hand sanitization compliance through real-time nudging and displays.

Social Distancing

Many viruses are able to travel several feet. During times which might be suggested by government officials and/or health organizations, RAI Health is able to monitor appropriate social distancing for visitors, patients, and staff, and flag non-compliance in real-time.

Fever detection

RAI Health is able to detect whether or not an individual has a fever upon entering a hospital, clinic, care facility, or retail outlet. Real-time nudges are given to employees to alert them so that they can take effective precautions.

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