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What is RAI Retail?

We are an advanced analytics platform which integrates into your existing security cameras to provide insights you can’t get from POS data or the human eye.

How Our Solution Works

We have proprietary models for tracking customers and their behavior in 3D space using a regular 2D monocular camera.

  • We create unique, anonymized numeric codes to differentiate between customers and staff.
  • We track your customer's journey, behavior, purchases, and dwell times at area of interest.
  • We protect your customer's privacy, by not utilizing any personally identifiable information.

Empower Managers and Employees with Actionable Insights

  • Who is your customer? We provide you with customer demographics, group association and vehicle classification.
  • What is your customer's journey? We show you your customer's path, dwell time and areas of interest.
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators? We provide valuable insights including queue length, lot-to-store and store-to-basket conversions.

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