Vision Intelligence for Transportation and Public Safety

Comprehensive and cutting-edge video analytics powered by a full text search engine for real-time and historical analytics for your streets.


Object Detection and Counting

Detect and measure everything with our state-of-the-art object detector. You can get an accurate outline of each object, and our detector also works well in all lighting conditions to accurately detect and count objects.

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Object Classification

We can classify a variety of objects, including but not limited to, type of vehicle (e.g., cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, trains, etc.), and other moving objects, such as people, pets, bikes, strollers, wheelchairs, etc.

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Deep Classification

We can accurately determine advanced classification of cars such as:

  • Make for all cars and SUVs
  • Model for all cars and SUVs
  • Manufacturing year for all cars and SUVs
  • Color for all vehicle types
  • Emergency vehicle types
  • Delivery vehicle types (e.g., FedEx trucks, etc.)

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License Plate Recognition

Automatically detect license plates without the need for separate dedicated license plate recognition cameras. In addition to detection, we can create alerts and enable you to search historically for specific plates that could help with Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, stolen vehicles, etc.

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Advanced Event Detection

Detect and send automatic alerts for certain traffic anomalies, including but not limited to:

  • Accident detection
  • Traffic congestion
  • Wrong-way driving
  • Illegal stops
  • Illegal crossing

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Full Text Search

Our application also contains a powerful text search engine for all of the above listed features. This enables you to search for near real-time and historical events using simple search terms. For example, a search on a specific license plate number can return the latest intersections the license plate was located along with the video timeline. You can also query complex search terms like "red Ford at 16th St and Bethany Home Rd." This search will return latest red Ford cars that passed though that intersection. Some of the exclusive features of our search engine include:

  • License plate search
  • Vehicle make and model search
  • Timeline searches
  • Combination searches
  • Aggregated metrics for the search results

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Got Feature Suggestions?

We are doing cutting edge research in computer vision with the goal of developing applications that will help cities improve public safety, and enable transportation to thrive. We can build unique custom applications for your city that can be solved using computer vision and your cameras.

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